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Site Map

          I. DLAC
          II. TDL Symposium
          III. TIMAC
          IV. Ed Tech & Media
                    A. Digital Leadership Academy
                    B. Planning
                              1. CA State Adult Education Technology Plan
                              2. Online Technology Plan Builder [WWW link]
                              3. Hardware
                    C. Video Gallery
                              1. Special Production Videos
                              2. Technology Integration Videos
                              3. Adult Education Student Succeed [www] [WWW link]
                              4. TIMAC Presentations [WWW link]
                    D. Classroom Resources
                              1. Technology in the Classroom (Technology Implementation)
                              2. Software
                              3. Media (Photos, Graphics, etc.)
          V. Teaching Tools & Resources
                    A. By Program Type
                              1. ABE/ASE/GED
                              2. Adults with Disabilities
                              3. ESL/Citizenship/EL Civics
                              4. Older Adults
                              5. Parent & Consumer Education
                              6. Career Technical Ed
                              7. Corrections
                    B. Course Outline Builder [WWW link]
                    C. Lesson Plan Builder [WWW link]
                    D. Web-based Class Activities
                              1. Adult Basic Education
                              2. Career Technical Education
                              3. Collaborative Online Activities
                              4. ESL and Citizenship
                              5. Family and Parenting
                              6. Health Literacy
                              7. High School and GED
                              8. Holidays
                              9. Home and Consumer Economics
                              10. Older Adults
                    E. Online Tools for Teachers
                              1. Create a Website
                              2. Online Tools
                    F. Distance Learning
                              1. Access to Learning through Online Education
                              2. Adult Ed Online Programs
                              3. Distance Teaching
                              4. Online Curriculum
                    G. Professional Development
                              1. Professional Development
                              2. Recruit & Retain
                    H. Standards & Assessment
                    I. Teaching with Technology
                    J. Online Teaching Academy (OTAC)
          VI. Research & Reference
                    A. Adult Education Dictionary
                              1. Acronym
                              2. Assessment & Testing
                              3. Courses/Curriculum
                              4. Disabilities
                              5. ESL
                              6. Grammar
                              7. Learning Theory
                              8. Legislation
                              9. Prof/Gov Organizations
                              10. Professional Development
                              11. Projects/Services
                              12. Reading/Phonics
                              13. Teaching Method/Technique
                              14. Technology
                              15. Vocational/Workforce
                    B. Adult Education Links
                    C. Library Collections
                              1. Adult Education Reference Library
                              2. Advanced Library Search
                              3. Employment Training Library
                              4. Online Documents
                              5. Professional Development Center Libraries
                              6. VESL Workplace Clearinghouse
                    D. Presentations
                              1. CA Adult Ed Conferences
                              2. CA Adult Ed History
                              3. California Department of Education
                              4. Federal WIA II Funding
                              5. Literate Workforce
                              6. Technology/Internet
                    E. Research
                              1. California Adult Education History [WWW link]
                              2. CA Adult Education Research
                    F. CA Adult Education Data
                              1. Preliminary Federal Grant Awards 2009-10
                              2. CA Adult Education Funding Data - State Program
                              3. CA Adult Education Enrollment Data - State Program
                              4. CA Adult Student Progress Data - State Program
                              5. CA Adult Student Enrollment Data - Federal Program
                              6. CA Adult Student Progress Data - Federal Program
                              7. CA Adult Literacy - Selected Data Sources
                              8. USDOE/OVAE Federal Adult Education Program Data
          VII. People & Organizations
                    A. Email Lists
                    B. Organizations
                              1. Adult Ed Organizations
                              2. CA Adult Education Agencies
                              3. CA Adult Education Provider Directory [WWW link]
                              4. CDE Adult Ed Links
                              5. Professional Development Centers [WWW link]
                              6. Professional Organizations
                    C. People
                              1. CA Adult Ed Students Succeed [WWW link]
                              2. Links to Staff Directories
                              3. Upcoming Events Calendar [WWW link]
          VIII. Laws & Legislation
                    A. California Laws and Legislation
                              1. California Law [WWW link]
                              2. California Code of Regulations [WWW link]
                              3. California Performance Review [WWW link]
                              4. Communicating With Legislators
                              5. Official CA Legislative Information [WWW link]
                              6. Current and archived CA Codes & Regs
                              7. The California Voter Foundation [WWW link]
                              8. Updates on CA bills of interest to adult educators
                              9. Updates on CA State Budget
                    B. Federal Laws and Legislation
                              1. Search the United States Code [WWW link]
                              2. 113th Congress
                              3. Thomas [WWW link]
                              4. Current and archived US Codes & Regs
                              5. Updates on Federal Legislation
                              6. Updates on Federal Budget
          IX. Funding & Jobs
                    A. Employment
                              1. Place an ad
                              2. View all ads
                    B. Search Ed Grants
          X. About Us
                    A. Our Vision
                    B. Our Newsletter
                    C. Training and Workshops
                              1. About OTAN Training
                              2. Course Information
                              3. Printable Course Materials
                    D. Meet the Staff
                    E. Privacy Policy
                    F. Contact Us
                    G. Locate Us
                    H. OTAN Reports
                              1. OTAN Technology and Distance Learning for California Adult Education
Annual Report 2015–16

                              2. OTAN WIA/WIOA, Title II: Technology and Distance Learning Plan Update
Program Year 2014–15

          XI. Hot Topics
                    A. Adult Literacy Student Persistence and Retention
                              1. Links to Web sites
                              2. Professional Development
                              3. Research Summaries
                    B. Adult Numeracy
                              1. Instructional Materials
                              2. Links to Other Web Sites
                              3. Policy
                              4. Professional Development
                              5. Research Summaries
                              6. Teaching Techniques
                    C. Health Literacy
                              1. Links to other Web sites
                              2. Professional Development
                              3. Research Summaries
                    D. Research-based Reading Instruction for Adults
                              1. Assessment
                              2. Instructional Materials
                              3. Links to Web sites
                              4. Professional Development
                              5. Research Summaries
                              6. Teaching Techniques
                    E. Transition to Postsecondary Education
                              1. Links to Other Web Sites
                              2. Model Programs
                              3. Policy
                              4. Professional Development
                              5. Research Summaries
          XII. OTAN News
          XIII. Preferences
                    A. Edit My Profile
                    B. My Links
                    C. My Resources
          XIV. Questions and Answers
                    A. Administrator's Q and A
                    B. Teacher's Q and A
          XV. Site Info
                    A. Site Index
                    B. Site Map [You are here!]
          XVI. Upcoming Events Calendar [WWW link]