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More Resources to Create an Accessibility-Friendly Environment

Posted on 04/17/2019

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As we integrate more technology into our instruction, we need to be aware of barriers that we unintentionally create that make it difficult for students to learn, both in the face-to-face classroom and in the online learning environment. And it may not be just students with disabilities, but other students in the class as well, who face obstacles to learning that can be overcome when we look at how accessible the learning materials are and make the necessary changes.

In his blog post on creating an accessibility-friendly environment, David Andrade provides some tips when setting up both face-to-face and digital environments. In the digital realm, a good place to start is looking at a presentation like a set of PowerPoint slides. Think about “fancy” fonts, the number of images and graphics (usually too many), and transitions that may look cool, but may be too distracting. The same holds true for websites and online courses that the teacher has created. Other considerations are: when using images and graphics, is alt text included, and when using video, are closed captioning and transcripts included?

In the second half of his post, Andrade includes a number of online resources for teachers to consult for help with making digital content accessible. Some of these include:

When we follow accessibility guidelines, we end up making content accessible for everyone, not just those with learning disabilities. If you need help getting started with accessibility, please contact us at support@otan.us External link opens in new window or tab or 916-228-2580.

Article: Creating an Accessibility-Friendly Environment External link opens in new window or tab by David Andrade at Ed Tech Guy blog

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