Technology Plan Development

This Web site will walk you through the steps for developing a technology plan for your agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Technology Plan FAQ page will be updated periodically and agencies are invited to submit questions for and return to this page to review updates. Submitted questions should be general in nature and pertain to the technology plan.

Q: I forgot my password, how can I sign in?
A: If you have lost your login information, click here and it will be emailed to you.

Q: Can I print a copy of my technology plan before I submit it?
A. You can print a pdf (portable document format) version of your technology plan at any time during the process.

Q: Can I print a copy of the Instructors Survey?
A. A pdf (portable document format) version of the Skills Assessment Survey is available on the login page as well as on the Technology Plan Status page.

Q: I am trying to download a pdf document from the Technology Plan site, but it won't download?
A. These files can be quite large and some users, especially those using dial-up Internet connections, experience difficulty downloading the materials using their web browser. You may find it easier to have each section emailed to you, and open the PDF material directly from your email software. To have it emailed to you log in to the site and click on the link that says, "If you have trouble downloading these materials, you may have them emailed to you."

Q: I have a question about filling out a particular section?
A.If you have questions about the technology plan deliverable, you may contact Marian Thacher at OTAN, (916) 228-2597, or

Q: I've tried to enter the scope of my plan, but I get an error message.?
A. It is possible that your test is too long. The scope of your plan is supposed to be brief, please keep it to under 300 characters.

Q: I am finished with the staff surveys, but my plan won't say "Completed".
A. The number of Staff Skills Assessments must match the number you input in section 2 of Current Status.


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