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Gaining a Mile-high Perspective with COABE

Posted on 04/20/2015


The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE External link opens in new window or tab) is a 15,000 members strong national professional organization with a mission to provide leadership, communication, professional development and advocacy for adult education and literacy practitioners in order to advance quality services for all adult learners. This year the COABE 2015 National Conference External link opens in new window or tab takes place in Denver, CO on April 21-24, 2015.

There is a significant contingent of California adult educators presenting this year. Below is a list of some of the presentations. Those with resources available have links:

Digital Literacy for Adult Learners: Bits, Bytes and Beyond the Basics External link opens in new window or tab - OTAN Staff

The word "literacy" is applied in many different contexts, in this session the discussion will be centered on the definition within the new WIOA legislation and what it means for adult learners and teachers. How important are these skills in our current economic and educational environments? Resources and suggestions to build digital literacy will also be explored. Come join the conversation!

A Bird's Eye View of Mobile Devices External link opens in new window or tab - OTAN Staff

Want to explore ways of using a mobile device in the adult ed classroom? In this workshop, we will explore methods to communicate, collaborate, create, and share using mobile devices to engage students and enhance instruction through educational apps and Web sites. We will discuss classroom etiquette, demonstrate projects, and share a variety of activities for immediate feedback and assessment.

One-Size Doesn't Fit All: Strategies for Site-Based Standards Alignment - Cherise Moore, CALPRO

To meet the expectations of WIOA for greater alignment between workforce development, career preparation, and the adult education systems, we share lessons learned and practices to customize tools and resources to support ABE/ASE, ESL, and CTE teachers and to show the relationship between the CCRS to the Common Career Technical Core: Career Ready Practices. Attendees will consider what adjustments they need to make to meet their class's, program's or state's PD needs on this topic.

Using the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education in Adult ESL - Linda Taylor, CASAS

This workshop provides an overview and hands-on activities to familiarize adult ESL practitioners with the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) for adult education that were published in 2013. Participants will gain perspective on how the CCR Standards can be used in adult ESL programs and will be able to begin to implement the CCR reading, reading foundational skills, and language standards in their local programs.

SOAR: Upping the Game of Academic Rigor in ABE and ASE - Dr. Peggy Raun-Linde, Tammie Hickey, Sunnyvale Cupertino Adult Education

In 2010, Fremont Union High School District Adult School reinvented its ABE program to increase academic readiness and rigor. This involved creating a new ABE program and radically changing the model used in the ASE classrooms. Learn about the goal setting and academic results of this initiative.

CASAS E-Testing: Myths to Avoid, Truths to Tell - Dr. Peggy Raun-Linde, Laura Lanier, Sunnyvale Cupertino Adult Education

Since 2010, Fremont Union High School District Adult School, in California's Silicon Valley, has utilized computer-based, CASAS testing (e-testing). The site process developed allows us to test and place 150 ESL students in less than three hours.

Regional Community of Online Learning Promoting College Readiness - Kay Hartley, Fairfield Suisun Adult School

This panel presentation features representatives from California's Adult Education Leadership Project, Outreach and Technical Assistance Network, and a principal of an adult education program. Panelists will share information about a pilot program establishing a regional community of online learning that supports adult students' development of math readiness for entry into postsecondary education.

Bridging the Gap: Creating Effective Transition Programs - Lori Howard, Sylvia Ramirez, CASAS

English language learners have goals beyond learning English: a high school diploma, college degree, vocational training, or a job. Presenters share model transition programs in California so participants can develop their own transition programs using these models. Discussion centers on how the programs are designed and the successes they have achieved.

Mobile Devices for Adult Educators - Susan Gaer, Santa Anna Community College Continuing Education

Interested in using your mobile device in your classroom? Explore features of your device that will help adult students. Discussion focuses on management, etiquette, and recent research along with ideas that work with any phone. Leave this invigorating workshop with lots of ideas.

Bridging Students to Success in Community College - Dr. Karen Bautista, Emma Diaz, San Bernardino Adult School

This informational workshop will engage practitioners in new learning, provide details of a transition pilot program, and facilitate discussion around promising practices in the transition of adult students to postsecondary education. Attendees will hear firsthand from the administrator who had the vision and the teacher who made the vision a reality.

Help Your ABE Learners Become College and Career Ready! - Lori Howard, CASAS

The College and Career Readiness Standards for adult education "provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn." How can these standards translate into curriculum and classroom instruction for adult ABE learners? Learn how to use them to ensure adults in your programs are being prepared for success in postsecondary education, training, and work.