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Adult Ed Block Grant Package Signed by the Governor

Posted on 06/29/2015

California State Capitol
CCAE Photo

In a recent California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) post titled "Adult Ed Block Grant Package Signed by the Governor" External link opens in new window or tab, Legislative Analyst Dawn Koepke reports on what adult educators can expect to see in the 2015-16 school year.

"Today we breathe a sigh of relief that the future of adult education, particularly with regard to adult schools, will be much brighter and more stable going forward," she writes.

The full report External link opens in new window or tab, which is also available in the Laws and Legislation area on OTAN, contains a detailed list of specific provisions contained in the $500 million package.  

A key issue was resolved in the signed bill. Concerned that distribution of resources through a local fiscal agent would run the risk of distancing adult education programs from K12 districts, agreement was reached which allows "funding to be drawn down through CDE and our school districts."

"We were thrilled to see the ability for consortia to make their own decisions locally about whether to have a local fiscal agent or to rely on the funding to come through CDE and the school district."

"This package was a huge victory for adult schools and for the students we serve," writes Koepke. "We've helped put in place a framework from which we can build upon to ensure our students continue to have access to these critical programs while at the same time working with our partners to develop pathways for those same students to move on to a career or forward for further education. Our students are the real winners in this without question. And while the bulk of the package is workable, there will likely be a few things that will need to be further addressed in a clean-up bill later in the Legislative Session, including further clarity about the 5% administrative cap provision."

To read the full message visit Updates on CA State Budget on OTAN, or Legislative News External link opens in new window or tab on CCAE.