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160 Years of Adult Education History: OTAN Celebrates with Refreshed Web Site

Posted on 05/06/2016

book cover of Meeting the Challenge

Through its adult education programs, California offers learners a diverse range of knowledge and skills necessary to participate effectively as citizens, workers, parents, and family and community members. Adult education has been an important part of California's education system since the early years of statehood. The first recorded adult school was sponsored by the San Francisco Board of Education in 1856. Adult education in California grew with the expanding population of the state and was particularly responsive to the needs of immigrant populations. Through the years, California adult educators have provided leadership to the nation in the development of innovative instructional practices and creative educational solutions.

In 2006, as commissioned by California Department of Education, Adult Education Office, OTAN created a book, a Web site and multimedia to celebrate 150 years of adult education in California. In this 160th year, OTAN celebrates by refreshing the same Web site with updated programming and media. We welcome you to revisit or visit for the first time, this valuable resource External link opens in new window or tab for adult education.