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California Edge Campaign: Data to Serve Policy, Programs, and People

Posted on 07/18/2016

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The California EDGE (Education Diversity and Growth in the Economy) Campaign is a non-partisan coalition of groups with diverse and even divergent outlooks but united in the belief that California' future economic growth rests in large measure on the skill base of its workers. The members of the coalition are:

  • California Budget and Policy Center California Hospital Association
  • California Workforce Association California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
  • California Manufacturing and Technology Association
  • Career Ladders Project for the California Community Colleges
  • Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
  • National Council of La Raza Policy Link
  • State Building and Construction Trades of California

In June 2016, the EDGE Coalition released Data to Serve Policy, Programs, and People, Reinventing California’s Education and Workforce Data Systems. According to the publisher: “Across the nation, there has been a surge in efforts by the federal and state governments and by education and workforce institutions to develop data systems to answer critical policy questions, implement effective practices, and improve student outcomes. … This policy brief details why good data is needed, the range of data that are necessary, the characteristics of data systems designed to serve the needs of all major stakeholders, and what other states are doing to implement high quality systems. It also reviews some current efforts in California toward a more comprehensive, integrated data infrastructure. The purpose of the brief is to spur discussion and action on the next steps California should take.”

The policy brief is available as a PDF External link opens in new window or tab.

Source: California EDGE Coalition News External link opens in new window or tab