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Employability Skills Resource Toolkit

Posted on 10/24/2016

The National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium, Inc. recently acknowledged the work of the North Carolina (NC) Community College System for curriculum development that addresses the importance of teaching employability skills.

As part of the North Carolina Community College System's Code Green Super Curriculum Improvement Project (CIP), the committee identified eight employability competencies for integration across the curriculum: Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork; Communications; Integrity and Professionalism; Problem Solving and Decision Making; Initiative and Dependability; Information Processing; Adaptability and Lifelong Learning and Entrepreneurship.

In response to the Super CIP's work, NC-NET has developed a resource toolkit to support instructors as they seek to further enhance how their courses address the eight competencies. Each teaching resource module contains instructional materials including activities, student handouts, assessment rubrics, and an annotated copy of the presentation. An appendix at the back of the toolkit contains links to additional suggested resources for teaching employability skills.

To access the Employability Skills Resource Toolkit, go to http://www.nc-net.info/employability.php External link opens in new window or tab.

Source: CDE AEO External link opens in new window or tab